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Jack's Restaurant and Bar

It was a great privilege to work with the Marcovici brothers on the refreshing of their flagship restaurant in Pleasant Hill. It was our heart as designers to give the restaurant a personality representative of who they are, in respect to their family legacy, and to consider also how to honor their very amazing family of regular patrons!  

Our design intention was to brighten up the space and to tone down the remaining traditional elements, moldings and colors, to create more of a relaxed, genuine, and welcoming interior. We wanted the bar to feel fabulously comfortable for both men and women to enjoy, and we specifically wanted the lighting to serve as a design feature throughout. The heart of the artwork was grounded in the legacy of their wonderful  parents whose footsteps they walk in. We hope that through the selection of warm  finishes: combinations of antique brass, soft whites, warm grays, and rich stained wood tones complemented with accents of black, (not forgetting splashes of blue as a hint to their origins from the beautiful island of Cyprus), that the new interior will be pleasing to all and provide much great enjoyment for many generations to come. 

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