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Carole O'Riordan


Uber conscientious and rants often about “it’s all in the details” and other design obsessive mantras!  Speaks French and sometimes mangles English.  Passionate about design, but also about her family and watching her daughter play basketball.  She has traveled the world, including 15 trips to Hong Kong and 12 to Jakarta; lived 5 years in Paris and Munich, but still prefers the Bay Area.  She is mellowed and humored by an Irish husband and daily entertained by 2 golden retrievers who lounge while we all work hard.  She is grateful for the blessing of wonderful clients, exciting opportunities they have entrusted her with, and a staff whom she calls friends. 

Always cleverly reinventing the ordinary into something extraordinary.  No challenge or design problem is too difficult to overcome when you have imagination and innovation.  A pencil in her hands, is an instrument of greatness—her designs on paper evolve from concept to a chef d’oeuvre.  From a career CV that boasts experience with Philippe Starck and Patrick Jouin, to her own client list which includes Kenzo, state of the art casinos, restaurants, and hotels, and amazing residences. Virginie’s commutes span France from top to bottom, with office and home in Lyon, where she is managed by her capable associates.  Downtime is in the South of France, relaxing with her family and 2 lovely daughters poolside in the mountains above Marseille.


Virginie Courtilet


Design and graphic guru, and expert in all things tech and too complicated for everyone else in the office.  Cristina is crazy creative with ideas that leap beyond the box and out the door. She is empowered by a supportive and loving family and an incredible attitude.  She capably dabbles in other artistic mediums:  painting, gardening, cooking, diy home projects, and cake decorating. Enjoys traveling and spending quality time with family, friends, and her beloved pets.


Cristina Romero


Incredibly intelligent and ridiculously organized, Tania knows numbers and deadlines.  Having spent 20+ years in merchandise planning and finance for The Gap, where fashion surrounded and influenced her, fine tuning her taste and management skills.  In 2008, Tania embarked on a new journey/career working in interior design, at the pleading of her long-time friend and U.C. Davis dorm-mate, Carole. She finds happiness with family and working everyday with talented colleagues, her old college roommate, and with our amazing clients and their fascinating projects.


Tania Miyoshi


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