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Proposed to Client:  If we enclose the whole front yard, we could create a whole private Zen oasis and with bi-fold doors, the whole space will feel as an extension from the interior.


Our solution was to create a beautiful and private front yard, with epay wood deck and seating, cool gray accent rocks as a perimeter to the red-toned decking, and a trickling Basalt water feature to soften the sounds of the street.  Each plant we carefully and intentionally selected, for both texture and color.  Black mulch was added for both water conservation and to contrast with the varying greens of the plants.  Tall palms were hoisted and lowered in place—giving the whole front yard a sense of a protective canopy and extension to the sky.  A new exterior entrance was added so that the whole front yard feels as an “interior” space. Lighting at night only adds to the ambiance and creates an enjoyable space for both personal pleasure and relaxation, or a perfect environment for entertaining friends and loved ones. 


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